Are you trying to do too much when it comes to exercise?

Last week I blogged about changing your thoughts about time…how are you doing with those thoughts?


Have you been telling yourself that you have time to workout?


Awesome – you have taken a HUGE step in starting your health and fitness journey – give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for the next step.


Before my clients start working with me they often ask…Can I really get a good workout in my home for only 30 minutes a day? The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!


When I first entered mamahood I believed that I needed to do at least 90 minutes at a gym to get the results that I wanted. Therefore, I rarely went to the gym and I failed to lose the baby weight as quickly as I wanted to. And truthfully, even when I eventually lost the weight (through practically starving myself) I was what I called “skinny fat”. In other words I was skinny but lacked any real muscle definition. Not the look I was going for.


After I had baby #6 I decided that it was time to give up on the ALL or NOTHING approach and try just 30 minutes a day. The consistent 30 minute workout everyday did TONS more than the sporadic 90 minutes sessions I had at the gym so I was HOOKED!!


My client Erica discovered the same thing when she switched from her long runs to a 30 minute workout in her living room. No matter how much she ran she just could not drop the weight that she wanted to. This combined with poor eating habits left her overweight, sluggish, and hopeless that she would ever get the lean physique that she longed for. She realized that no matter how crazy busy her schedule was that she could find 30 minutes to move her body. So she did it!


See for yourself how things changed pretty dramatically when she introduced shorter workouts designed for the results that she wanted!!


Are you ready to get time on your side when it comes to a workout? Do want to see what an effective 30 minute (or less) workout can do for you?  You deserve to give yourself 30 minutes a day so that you can drop the weight, increase your energy, and grow your confidence…do you agree?

Would you like more tips on how to fit in a workout even though your schedule is CRAZY BUSY?  Grab this free resource:

4 Simple Steps for Fitting in a Workout


So that you can make it happen and weight loss becomes a reality!


Feel free to share this with a friend. I can’t wait to connect with you and talk about your thoughts, your results, and get you on the fast track to the results you want rather than feeling stuck.


It’s time to get out of your own way! You’ve got this, mama.



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