Are you always TOO busy to make time for yourself?


When I ask someone “how they are doing”, I often get the response.  “Life is soooo busy”.  I am sure you hear it too.  It comes out without a thought.  Like it is just sitting on the surface of our lips.



I HATE this response.  I am not judging you if you say it too.  I used to say it A LOT!!!  I thought it made me a “good” mom or some special unicorn because I always had so much going on and was always doing “all the things”.



Running my kids all over the place and filling up every spare moment of my day.  I thought that the busier I got the more of a woman I was.



I kind of wore that “ragged mom” thing like a badge of honor.  It made me feel good to say I was busy, but the truth was I was dying of exhaustion inside.  I was miserable.


I am here to tell you (after years of experience and reflection) that calling yourself busy is not a badge of honor.  Filling your day until you have nothing left is not smart.  Being too busy to take care of yourself is actually, kind of stupid.



So…are you really that busy or are you just saying it because you think you should be?  If it is just something you say then STOP saying those words right now.  The more you say it the more your brain will believe that you are busy and it will hold you back from doing the things that you should be doing for yourself (a workout, a hot bath, sleep, etc).



If you REALLY are that BUSY then it is time to get UNBUSY.   Check out the steps below:




Get rid of some of the stuff on your plate.  I know that sounds impossible but start with these tips:



Spend 3 days and write down EVERYTHING that you are doing.  I mean everything.  I want to know how much time you spent in the shower, on Facebook, and preparing meals.  Don’t forget to write down how much time you spend sleeping (this is really important) and how much time you spend just being BUSY!!



Next, take a good look at ALL of the things you are doing.  Is it all necessary?  Are there things you can get rid of?  Do you really need to volunteer weekly in your child’s classroom?  It is OK to say no!



Then. Start saying NO!!  No to your kids when they want you to do something that they can probably do themselves.  No to the person who wants you to go out of your way to do something that you don’t even want to do anyway.  Get that stuff off your plate Mama!  You will thank me later!



Lastly, Schedule some time for yourself! I know it seems selfish but you MUST do it so that you can fill your cup.  Be the Mama that your kids deserve.  A mom with energy, happiness, and CONFIDENCE!!  It would be selfish NOT to do it!



Are you ready?



I help frazzled Moms BUST through obstacles so that they can lose weight, build confidence, and increase energy.  Are you are struggling with how to make more time for yourself?


No worries – I got you covered!


Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and let’s set up a free 1:1 call to work through them!


You can also grab this free resource for tips on how to fit in a workout even though your schedule is CRAZY BUSY?


4 Simple Steps for Fitting in a Workout





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