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This blog post almost didn’t happen this week.  It just kept being moved to the end of the list and then to the next day and then to the end of the list and so on and so on.


Why?  There were just so many other things to do.  Clean the carpet that was flooded so I could put my Mama Workout Den back together, find the winter coats for the kids, put the finishing touches on my Group Coaching Program, the list goes on and on and on.


I just continued to find other things that “had” to get done so I pushed it off.   Now I am sitting here on a Friday night while my kids are watching a movie writing this post.  The topic would have been different had I done it earlier since I would not have had this life experience yet (watch for some great tips on time management next week).  So, I guess that just shows that everything happens for a reason because I am feeling like this was something you needed to hear this week.


The #1 reason I didn’t get it done earlier this week?   I didn’t make it a PRIORITY.  It is that simple.  I chose to do ALL of those other things first.  Tonight, I even cleaned a couple of bathrooms, got ready for bed, and started a load of laundry before I sat down to do it!!


My clients often tell me that they just don’t have time for certain things (working out, preparing healthy meals, getting their nails done, etc) but they truth is they are just not making it a priority.  If they really wanted to do it, they would put it at the top of the list.  The would make the choice.


For example, my daughter got silly putty on a brand new outfit.  I knew that it was going to need some special attention before putting it in the laundry but I didn’t know what and frankly, I didn’t think I had time to mess with it.  So, on the counter it sat.  It sat so long that the weather changed and she can’t wear it anymore without freezing her little legs off.  Finally, one day I got sick of looking at it and decided that I was going to go to Google, find out how to take care of it, and then make her do it.  Guess what, the whole project took all of 7 minutes from start to finish and she has her outfit back (to wear in the house).


My point is that, as soon as YOU make the decision to put yourself first whether it be for a workout, getting your hair done, or just going to bed earlier, you can make it happen.  When you decide to finally get control of your morning schedule you can do it!  When you make the choice to learn how to pay the guitar you can find the time.  It is up to you – isn’t that amazing news?


I met with a client this week and before we first met she said that she had ZERO time for a workout in the morning.  I was up for the challenge so on our first call together she told me all about her morning schedule and guess what?  We found time for a workout!!  She has just finished her third day in a row of a morning workout because I helped her to see that if she moved things in her schedule around a bit and made it a priority, she could fit a workout in and the rest of her day would be AMAZEBALLS.


The bottom line is that what you decide to make happen WILL happen.  If it is low on the list then it won’t (unless you are some time unicorn who makes extra hours out of rainbows).  How can you do it?  Follow these simple steps:


  1. Choose a task that you REALLY want to do (may I suggest a workout every morning).
  2. Decide that you are making it a priority.
  3. Put it on the calendar (schedule it and don’t let anything else take its place).
  4. DO IT before you do anything else during that time slot.
  5. Tell me ALL about it!!


Are you ready to get started?  What are you going to make a priority in your life so you can feel AMAZEBALLS?

I would love to hear about it!



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