Let go of your battle with food so that you can lose weight for good!


To the Mama who drinks a Diet Coke for breakfast, skips lunch, and snacks her way through dinner.


To the Mama who eats her kids’ cold mac ‘n cheese and chicken nuggets instead of making something for herself.


To that Mama who deprives herself all week only to binge on nachos, wings, and ice cream on the weekend and totally blows her progress.


I know what you are going through because I have been there!


The struggle with food is real and it is draining your energy!


How would it feel to end the battle?  The good news is that you CAN!  I never thought that I could make friends with food but I did.  Do you want to learn how?  Keep reading!


  • Change your thought about food.  If you are constantly filling your mind with negative thoughts about yourself and food you are never going to make friends with it.  Think about it this way – if you constantly say bad things about those precious kiddos of yours, how would that affect your relationship with them?   You are doing that very thing with food.

Start telling yourself that you are eating to fuel yourself or that it is good to “go off plan” sometimes.  Bringing all of the positivity you can into the food equation is only going to improve your relationship with it.  The bottom line is that if you speak kindly to and about food – it will be kind to you.


  • Don’t make any food off limits.  I LOVE ice cream.  I have followed meal plans that allowed ZERO ice cream.  I could abstain for awhile but as soon as I was “done” with the meal plan, I binged on the ice cream for days.  When I work with my clients I tell them that moderation is key.   Unless they are allergic to a food they should have a “little” even when they are “on a plan”.  So, I have a little ice cream everyday to satisfy my craving and that is enough for me!

  • Focus on what you can eat instead of what you can’t.  This goes back to your thoughts.  If you are constantly focusing on the fact that you can’t binge on ice cream, all you are going to want to do is binge on ice cream.  So, focus on how amazing the little bowl of ice cream tastes and enjoy the heck out of it.  Focus on how mouth watering the steak and veggie stir fry tastes as you eat it.  What you focus on expands so, focus on the good stuff!


  • Enjoy every bite of the food you are eating.  Don’t sit in front of the TV or at the counter while you eat.  Don’t shovel it in barely tasting it.  The more you taste it, the more your body recognizes it and the more satisfied you will feel.  Satisfaction leads to feeling like you have had enough and you are less likely to binge.  So, if you chose to have a brownie, enjoy every bite of it.


  • Don’t tell yourself that you can exercise off what you eat.  This never works.  Before you know it you are up to 2-3 hours a day to burn off the crap you ate the day before and you begin to resent the friend you have in exercise.  Choose an exercise program and stick with it.  If you overeat one day don’t punish yourself the next day to “make up for it”.  That always backfires and makes you hate the sweat sessions.


  • Don’t beat yourself up of you screw up – it is all part of the learning process!  This is most important.  Every “failure” is a learning experience if you treat it that way. If you treat it like the end if the world you will always be torturing yourself and will always feel like you are in the middle of a food battle.

Relax, go easy on yourself, AND never let overindulging ruin your day!

I help frazzled Moms BUST through obstacles so that they can lose weight, build confidence, and increase energy. Do you believe that this can happen for you so that you can finally lose weight? Are you interested in learning how?




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