How Your Thoughts are Getting in the Way of Your Weight Loss Success

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I’m super excited about this topic today because it’s one that is near and dear to my heart. Out of all the things in life, whether it’s your health and fitness, your spouse, your job, whatever it might be, your thoughts are going to guide what you do and it’s going to guide what your results are going to be. 

It’s that simple. 

If you’ve read my blogs before, you might have been able to guess how important I think our thoughts are. They really do have an effect on more than we might think.

If you don’t know me, hi! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Rachael. I’m the mom of six and the short version of what I do is that I help moms lose weight! I believe in helping moms get out of their own way and to a place where they can embrace their health and fitness journey.

Today, I’m talking about exactly that.

So often, we find ourselves lost in our thoughts. But, you see, our thoughts have such a HUGE correlation to what actually happens as a result.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The model for what I’m talking about today is based on a model from the Life Coach School. This model is something that has touched me so deeply and has changed my life. 

This formula involves five different “steps” to work on changing our thoughts from those that are standing in our way to those that give us the end result we crave. It all starts with a circumstance. 

We’ve all got circumstances in our lives. Whatever your thoughts are about that circumstance determines what your feelings are, determines what your actions are, and then determines your result. The crazy thing is that the result always matches your thoughts!

One: Our Circumstance – Our circumstance is the situation that we’re facing. 

Two: Our Thoughts – What are our thoughts in relation to our circumstances?

Three: Our Feelings – What feelings do we have about these thoughts?

Four: Our Actions – What actions do we take as a result of our feelings?

Five: Our Results – What is our result that we get from the actions we took?

That’s the basic rundown of this model. I want to go through two separate examples with you to give you ways to see this model in action and see how it all begins with thoughts and ends with a result. You might be surprised how much our thoughts influence our end result.

Example One: Exercising 

When it comes to exercising, I hear from so many moms that I work with that there are obstacles standing in their way. Exercise is their circumstance, and maybe their thought is that they don’t have the time. As a result of this thought, they feel stressed out and overwhelmed. As a result of this feeling, their actions involve not exercising. Because of this action, they don’t see the results they want. Maybe it’s losing weight, toning up, getting more energy, whatever it might be. So you can see, the not working out result matches that particular thought. 

When I share this example, I don’t want it to seem like I’ve got it all figured out. As a mom, I spent years NOT working out because of my thoughts that I didn’t have time. Now, I make time. Are there sacrifices involved? Absolutely. I give up sleep in the morning so that I can spend 45 minutes in my workout room. Is it worth it to me? Hell yeah. Because when I have time to exercise, my feelings are that I feel good about myself and feel more energized. I can pat myself on the back because I got up and did it this morning and that I did a job well done. So you can create those thoughts. It’s up to you. Nobody else can create those thoughts for you.

While your thoughts won’t change from, “I don’t have time to exercise,” to, “I make time for exercise” overnight, they can get there with baby steps. I always encourage moms that I work with to start small. Maybe start with a simple thought shift to, “I have time.” This doesn’t have to have anything to do with exercise, but it’s that first step. After you think on that one for a while, see how it changes your feelings. If you spend your morning going, “I have time,” you’re feeling a little bit less stressed and more relaxed. 

Then, maybe in a week, you switch your thought to, “I have time for myself.” It may not be exercise still yet. It might be just be taking five minutes to meditate or drinking more water, there are so many different ways that you can have time for yourself. Eventually. you’re going to create that thought that you have time for exercise. You’re going to make it a priority and you’re going to feel AWESOME about it. 

Example Two: Vegetables

This one might sound funny, but I hear it pretty often. I have moms that will come to me and say, “I hate eating vegetables, I’m not eating vegetables, is there any way that I can lose weight without eating them?” 

While the truth is that you can lose weight without eating vegetables, there is so much more that comes from eating them. The energy, the digestive regularity, the vitamins, and the nutrients that come from vegetables make them so worth it. When I’m eating my four servings of veggies every day, I just feel so much better. So while yes, you could lose weight without eating vegetables,  let’s try and change that thought. If your thought is that you hate vegetables, your feeling is going to be that when you see vegetables, you won’t want to eat them. 

Since those are your feelings, your actions, of course, are going to be that you don’t eat vegetables, which will be your result. While you obviously won’t go from hating to love them right away, make those small steps. Maybe you can say, “I don’t enjoy vegetables.” Then eventually you can get your thoughts to, “Veggies are a part of my diet.” Eventually, you get it to, “Veggies are something I need,” and then maybe eventually you can get it to, “I love vegetables.”

The Method

While I use a variety of different techniques with my clients, this method is one of the easiest ways to do it. It slowly changes your thoughts so that you can create those different results. 

Changing your thoughts can’t be ignored when it comes to changing your results. 

I know when looking at this as a big picture, it can seem overwhelming. You might not know where to start or even know how to pinpoint your circumstances and thoughts. 

I’d love to help you change that. 

If you’re interested in seeing what it would be like to work with a coach, I’m here to help you. I would love to get on the phone with you and have a cup of coffee and see how I can help you get away from your negative thoughts. Thoughts like, “I will always be overweight,” or, “I can’t eat healthily,” or, “I don’t know how to lose weight.” 

Because those thoughts are what is keeping you stuck in the same results you’ve been getting year after year. I can help you change those thoughts so that you get different results. Reach out to me if you have any interest in setting up a consultation. My consultations are free and absolutely no obligation!

Feel free to share this with a friend. I can’t wait to connect with you and talk about your thoughts, your results, and get you on the fast track to the results you want rather than feeling stuck.

It’s time to get out of your own way! You’ve got this, mama.

I help frazzled Moms make it happen. Do you believe that you can take care of yourself, have an endless supply of energy, and finally lose weight? Are you interested in learning how?


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