Is the Desire for Perfection Sabotaging Your Results?

Hi all you Mind-Body Fitness mamas!

Raise your hand if you struggle with perfection.

If we were all in the same room and we could look around, I guarantee you LOTS of hands (including mine) would be up. 

If you couldn’t guess based on that introduction, today we’re talking about perfection. 

Do any of these sound like you??


“If I can’t do it 100%, I might as well not do it at all.”

“I can’t work out every day, so why would I start it at all?”

“I ate really badly at lunch, so why should I try the rest of the day?”

“The first half of my week sucked, so why would I try the last half?”

“I don’t want to try anything new until I KNOW I can do it perfectly.”


What if I told you there was a way to tackle this beast of perfectionism? That there was a way to be happy with being perfectly imperfect? 

Let’s do it.

If you don’t know me, my name is Rachael and I am a mom of six. I help moms lose weight by helping them see that there is time and support and that there is a way for it to be easy and fun.

I found myself struggling with perfectionism. I’d find myself saying things like, “Well, if I can’t do it 100% perfect then I’m not going to do it at all.” The thing is, that can really sabotage you when it comes to your weight loss journey. 

You might notice it on those days where you indulge maybe a little too much at lunch or you skip a workout. That night and the following days, maybe you throw in the towel, because what’s the point anymore? Maybe you tell yourself you’re going to start again next week.

Get off that roller coaster ride, mamas! That starting and stopping is just going to cause you trouble. Letting go of that need to be perfect and doing it perfectly and eating the perfect foods and working out with the right workout and all that stuff is going to lead you to results. 

One of my daughters showed issues with perfection at such an early age. I noticed she wouldn’t walk because she was scared of falling and scared of failure. Now, she rarely tries new things in her gymnastics class until she knows it’ll be perfect. Not only is this sabotaging her results, but it causes her to take a longer time to start doing things. 

Can you relate? I know I can. 

When you are trying to do your health and fitness perfectly, you may be missing out on the imperfection part. Think about this. I’m not telling you to declare that today you’re no longer a perfectionist and that you’re throwing it out the window. That’s just not possible because again, you’re trying to let go of perfection perfectly. 

What I want you to do, though, is to go through a five-step process I’m going to give to you here. 

Step One: Ask yourself, “Where is this need for perfection coming from? 

Where is it coming from? Ask yourself if this is something that you were taught as a kid? Was it something that you did in a program at one time for your health and fitness and they told you that you need to work out every day or you were going to fail? Where are these thoughts coming from? 

Step Two: Dig deeper.

Ask yourself some powerful questions that allow you to get really curious. Ask yourself things like, “What would happen if I did this imperfectly? Would I still get results? How would I feel if I did the workout on Thursday, even though I missed yesterday? How would I feel if I eat a very healthy dinner even though I totally botched up lunch?” Ask yourself some powerful questions about the perfectionism in general in your life. Notice where it creeps in.

Step Three: Write it all down. 

Trust me, this step is necessary. Sure, we can think about all these things about why we want to be perfect and all that, but until you write it down and really take a look at what you’re writing and process it, you are going to have a difficult time finding the commonalities. You start to see these patterns of times where, because you didn’t do it perfectly, you didn’t do it at all, and then you’re going to see why this keeps coming up. 

Step Four: Find a new thought. 

Just because those old thoughts crept in, doesn’t mean they have to continue! These can be as simple as, “Even though I missed my workout, I’m still a rock star and I can get back at it tomorrow. Even though I ate way too much of that dip at lunch that didn’t even taste that great, I can still eat a healthy dinner and I can still meet my goals.” 

Side note for a second: The fact is that missing one workout and eating a bunch of junk one day isn’t throwing anybody’s goals off. It’s not going to screw up your efforts forever. That little bit of imperfection is okay. When it becomes a problem is when you let it get into every single day and go on and on and on. 

Step Five: Start taking baby steps. 

Don’t try to revamp your whole self and become perfectly imperfect in every part of your life. Start by taking little tiny steps and being perfectly imperfect. So maybe this week, you choose your workouts. How can you be perfectly imperfect with your workouts? 

So many different areas in your life can improve once you make that decision to be okay with imperfection and you create that thought of being perfectly imperfect.

I help frazzled Moms make it happen. Do you believe that you can take care of yourself, have an endless supply of energy, and finally lose weight? Are you interested in learning how?


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