BUST through the obstacles that are interfering with your health and fitness goals!


We all run into things that knock us off track.  Cheat foods at a school event, forgotten work meetings, sick kids, all the things everyday.


Even the mom that you see on social media that seems to have it ALL together ALL of the time runs into obstacles.  The only difference between you and her is that she has an “bust the obstacle plan“  for every situation that she runs in to.


You can have a plan too!  Are you ready to spend 15 minutes right now creating a plan?  Let’s GO!


Step One:  Make a list of ALL obstacles that you may over come.  If your goal is to workout everyday morning before you go to work, what are some things that might stand in your way?   Some ideas that come to mind are kids waking up too early, oversleeping, staying up too late.  This is not a time to hold back – list them ALL!!  If your goal s to eat healthier…ask yourself…what are the obstacles?  A holiday party? Ice cream night with your girls?  An after dinner sugar habit?  Get it ALL out!


Step Two:  Create a “bust the obstacle plan” for overcoming each one of those obstacles.  Here are some examples:


Kids wake-up too early – Have breakfast readily accessible so that they can eat when they workout.


Oversleep – have a second (or third or fourth) alarms set to avoid it. Have a shorter backup workout in mind so that you can do that just in case you oversleep.  Have a time set aside later in the day just in case.


Stayed up too late and can’t wake-up – Avoid this situation by setting your alarm 30 minutes before bedtime so that you do not stay up too late watching TV or checking out Facebook. Have a shorter back-up workout ready so that you can dive into that one on those days that you just need more sleep.


Step Three: Refer to this list every time you run into an obstacle.  You can add to the list when you come up with an obstacle that you did not originally think of.   Remember – Fail to plain and you plan to fail!

Mom of 3 boys (including a new born) Shannon says:


“I feel like no matter what stage in life we’re at, we’re all always “busy”. We just fill our time with different things. For me, it’s 3 very active boys who I want to give my best, a full time night shift nursing job which also requires me to be on my game, and the women I coach online.



A few things I do to help me do alll the things:


Use timers. I set myself a timer for almost everything now – housework, getting ready, reading…I get more done when I know I have a limited amount of time. Bonus: they work great for getting kids to get stuff done too!

Lowered my expectations. I’m a recovering perfectionist. But that mindset did not serve me. I was feeling like a failure when my house wasn’t spotless, my kids weren’t doing all the activities, or I didn’t shower that day. I lowered the bar and let it be ok that I didn’t do all the things. I set 1-2 priority must-dos each day and as long as I can check those off my list, I feel good about my day.

Ask for and accept help. Everyday I have to tell myself that it’s ok to have help. That doing it all myself doesn’t make me a superhero, it just makes me cranky. I have a wonderful village, whether it’s taking the kids for a walk, feeding our dogs, or just bringing over coffee, their help and support give me the occasional breaks I need so I can recenter…or get a manicure 😜


Are you ready to bust through those obstacles?  Get out a piece of paper or a note in your phone and start your list!  The more prepared you are the more likely you are to be able to overcome any obstacle!  Pretty soon you will have a list for every goal that you want to accomplish and the bet part is that you will get so amazeballs at overcoming obstacles that you will be able to dump the list and run on autopilot.  You will become an Obstacle Busting Rockstar!!


I help frazzled Moms BUST through obstacles so that they can lose weight, build confidence, and increase energy. Do you believe that this can happen for you so that you can finally lose weight? Are you interested in learning how?





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