Give up the “TIME” excuse when it comes to your health and fitness!

I hear this from moms all of the time.  I just don’t have time to workout,  I don’t have time to cook healthy food.  I don’t have time for myself.  I just don’t have enough time.

To be honest, I believe that is all crap.  Excuses.  Lies.  #toughlove

I can say this because I myself have 6 kids, a business, spend at least 3 hours a day in the car, AND I still find time to workout EVERYDAY and eat healthy foods.  I also work with many women who are CRAZY busy and still find the time to fit in that sweat session and fill themselves with healthy foods.

The fact is that we ALL have the same 24 hours in a day.  We just use the differently.  Some of us make more out of the hours that we have!

How can YOU  “create” more time?  Check out the following reasons why we “think” we don’t have enough time.  If you find one that fits, read on and find out how to change it!

1.  You are creating thoughts of not having enough time.

If you keep telling yourself that you don’t have enough time you will believe it.  STOP doing that!   Change your words NOW.  Here are some examples: ”I have tons of time for this”.  “A workout will easily fit into my schedule.”  “A workout will fit perfectly in my day.”  Unfortunately, we get so used to saying and believing that we do not have enough time, we don’t know any differently.

2. You are not making yourself a priority

We make time for the stuff that is important to us.  Period.  I see moms all of the time who make time for Netflix, Facebook, and going out with friends but who do not seem to have time to workout.  It is simply because they are not making it a priority.  What if you did your workout or made a healthy dish BEFORE you did any of those other things?  How amazing would that feel?  OK – I am sure you are saying that it would feel awful and it may at first but soon it will become part of what you do and you will do it EVERYDAY and the weight will start to drop.  That will feel amazing and so worth it.

3. You waste time or put it off

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but many of moms waste time doing things that don’t need to be done.  This not only involves the above (Netflix, Facebook, etc) but also things like cleaning out a closet, making another trip to the grocery store, etc.  Yes, it would be great if all of that stuff got done but it can come after the workout and the meal prep.  See #2 – make it a priority.

4. You have poor time management

Are you just taking too long to do things?  Are the things in your schedule organized in a way that makes it hard to get it done efficiently?  For example, if the grocery store is near the school do that right after you drop the kids at school or practice instead of going home first.  Keep a cooler in the car so that you can run all of your errands before you take the stuff back to the house.  The more you manage your time and do similar tasks at the same time, the better off you will be.  Keep your eyes peeled for another blog post about how to organize your time so that you can get more done in less time.

5. You are not organized

This goes along with #4 but…if you are lacking in organization it will make it appear that you are short on time.  Are you spending time looking for things that you forgot or making a second trip to the store or the kids’ school?  What if you prepared for your day the night before so that you had time for a workout before you went to work everyday – can you say game changer! The more organized we are the better off we will be when it comes to creating time.

6. You are trying to do too much

We all get caught in this trap.  There is so much to do and we want to do it all so…we pile it on.  This tactic backfires because it does not leave us time to recharge (workout, meditate, and shower) and it also makes us feel frazzled and discombobulated all day.  This is not good for us or our families.  I coach my clients to choose 3 tasks a day and put the rest on the list for tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day, etc.).  This will leave ample time for a workout and meal prep…voila!

7. You are not making time

Are you just plain not making the time?  Jump back up to #2 – if you want the time you need to create it.  I carve out 30 minutes each morning for my workout and it is non-negotiable.  Even when my basement was wet from flooding, I still made time for that 30 minutes.  We control time, it does not control us.  Period.  End of story.


8. It is just an excuse


My clients do it all of the time.  Use time as an excuse because they just didn’t feel like doing it.  The things is that motivation is not a guarantee.  There are days when you just don’t feel like doing it but you do it anyway.  Don’t blame time…it is not a thing.  You create your own reality.  #dumptheexcuse

So…the bottom line is…We all have the time.  It is up to use to make the decision to use the time to take care of ourselves sometimes instead of everyone around us.  Time to dump the excuses and change our thoughts.  It is time to make it happen!!

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